Kanye West Really Wanted A Georgia Peach?!

Before Kayne West had his eyes on Kim Kardashian's cakes he was infatuated with a Georgia Peach! Find out which Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member was the apple or should we say peach of Kanye's eye!

It was none other than Ms. Gone With The Wind Fabulous herself, Kenya Moore! In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Kenya spilled all of the tea about how Kanye West tried to date her before he got with Kim!

On meeting Kanye West before Kim:

"We met in Beverly Hills at a restaurant. I was actually with my current boyfriend's mother. He walked over. He was very humble, he spoke to me and my guy's mom. He was super nice. It wasn't the Kanye you saw in that clip. Of course we didn't date because I was with someone. He is a very charming guy. He was completely respectful. I'm very happy he found love with Kim."

Just a few months ago she was claiming that Jay-Z wanted her before he got with Beyonce and now this?! Kenya plays entirely too much! Who's next President Obama (she might not want to try The First lady though)? Kanye West and Jay-Z must find this hilarious! Until we hear it from one of the guys (which we highly doubt we will) we are definitely giving this the major side eye! 

Watch Kenya Moore talk about Kanye and her success on The Real Housewives of Atlanta below

Side SASS: Kenya must be feeling some type way about it though, which explain's why she's just now speaking about it! Let it go missed out!

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