Kanye West Sits Down With The Breakfast Club!


Kanye West has been on his Yeezus tour recently and he took some time out to stop by The Breakfast Club in New York City. 
We all know Kanye isn't one to bite his tongue at all! He says what he wants, when he wants, and about whoever he wants...including the President of the United States! In this interview, he talks about his family, Jay Z, and why he's so frustrated.

Well damn!! Are we the only ones who sensed a little tension/shade between Kanye and Charlamagne the God?! We thought Kanye was going to get up and walk out by the look on his face sometimes! We think Charlamagne is in his feelings a little bit LOL or maybe he genuinely misses the old Kanye West

What do you think? Has Kanye West changed too much? Did you like the Yeezus album?

Side SASS: Team SASS saw the Yeezus tour in Washington, DC and we really enjoyed ourselves. 

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