Lamar Odom Get's High And Raps About Money, Haters, And Cheating!!!!

Poor Khole...SMH! Lamar is supposed to be at training camp in Rhode Island preparing to sign back with the LA Clippers,  however, instead of working on his jump shot he's perfecting his rap skills! At first we had our doubts about Lamar Odom's alleged "drug use," but after seeing this video of him "rapping" from TMZ there is no doubt in our mind that Lamar is officially gone! 

 Apparently, Lamar and his friend Jamie thought it was appropriate to get high as a kite and record themselves rapping about money, haters, and of course the bishes...LOL! Lamar even had the nerve to rap about cheating on Khole:

"And when Khole's out of town, I guess I'll still bon the DL..."

Although the video is barely visible you can definitely tell it's Lamar Odom and his friend Jamie.Watch the footage below

This man has literally lost his mind. First of all where is his shirt? Second of all he needs to get a better phone because this video is super low budget...LOL! We are so embarrassed for Khole! We freaking love her and she definitely doesn't deserve this mess. We know she wants to fight for her marriage and all but  you can't help somebody that doesn't  want to be helped. Lamar is on a downward spiral and we definitely don't want to see him take Khole with him. It might be officially time for her to call a lawyer and cut her losses because things are only getting worse.

Side SASS: If Jamie is really Lamar's friend why would he ever let his friend be out here acting crazy like that?! That doesn't sound like no damn friend to us. We wonder if ole'boy leaked the footage too?! Crazy!

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