Moesha Star Gets Arrested?!

Ooohhh...somebody is in trouble! One of the stars from the 90's hit television show "Moesha" recently got arrested for domestic violence and you will never believe who it is!

Moesha's little brother Myles is in deep trouble with the feds! Actor Marcus T. Paulk has been officially charged with domestic violence and battery after he kicked his girlfriend, Andi Roxx, in the stomach and punched her in the face.  

According to TMZ, allegedly the couple got into a heated argument that turned dangerously physical after attending a club together. If convicted of all charges Marcus can spend up to 4 years in prison..SMH! We know Frank (William Allen Young) and Dee (Sheryl Lee Ralph) are somewhere in the world shaking their heads! They didn't raise little Myles to act like this! However, we always knew he was on the road to trouble ever since that episode of "Moesha" when he got caught smoking weed. 

Nevertheless, when will people learn that violence is not the answer! Putting your hands on somebody doesn't get you anything but a jail sentence. These men and women have got to do better!

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