|NEW VIDEO| Beyonce "Schoolin Life"

FINALLYYY!!! After waiting a million years Beyonce is finally given us something new! Oh, and when we say new we really mean something old that she's just now putting out...LOL! 

King Bey has decided to give the Beyhive something a little extra special this year for Christmas. Not only did she release her documentary, 'Life Is But A Dream,' but she also included  live footage of her performing  "Schoolin' Life" and other songs from her Atlantic City Concert!

We are not even going to lie when we first heard that Beyonce had a new video we were beyond excited! However, this isn't new and Beyonce is playing too many games with our emotions. She needs to put out some new material and quick! It's been three years! Beyonce we love you and all but you need to get it together!

Side SASS: Beyonce was seen shooting a new video the other day! So let's cross our fingers that we will get to see it before the end of the year! 

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