|NEW VIDEO| Drake "Worst Behavior"

Drake definitely outdid his self on the Little X directed visuals for one of our favorite songs "Worst Behavior" from his recent album, Nothing Was The Same. From an OVO Owl mascot, special guest appearances, and pink suits and Cadillacs, Drake definitely unleashed his worst behavior for this Memphis based video!

Drake took the phrase "stunting like my daddy" to a whole new level when he let his father, Dennis Graham, handle the intro to the "Worst Behavior" video! Can we just say that Drake's father has way more swag than him?! No seriously!  Who else do you know can pull off a three-piece ivory suit, gold owl chain, and some Versace glasses with a creeper mustache?! Only Drake's daddy that's who! This had to be our favorite part of the video! His father definitely did that! Oh, and those all pink players behind him are Drake's uncles straight flexin..LOL!

This was by far the funniest scene of the entire video. Drake's best friends OB O'Brian (the OVO owl) and Ryan Silverstein try to get Juicy J and Project Pat to listen to their demo tape, but "ain't nobody got time for that."  Why did OB O'Brian keep calling Project Pat "Patty Cakes" though...LOL!

Then we meet Big Worm! Sike his name his Unsweetened Tea and he's OB O'Brian  and Ryan Silverstein manager that charges 70% for driving a tour bus for a tour that they are not on! 

Watch Memphis show the world their "Worst Behavior" in the visuals below

Side SASS: This is definitely our favorite video of the year!

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