|THE GAY BESTIE| Does Size Really Matter?!

As promised The Gay Bestie is still bringing you that Unconditional and Uncensored advice like only a best friend can! We warned you that he is a "tell it like it is" and "straightforward" guy...that's what we love about him! This month he really spiced things up and gave a lot of SASS! We hope you're ready for this! 

Does Size Really Matter?

If you ever hear a woman say, “Size doesn’t matter.” Let me be the one to verify that she is lying. Size always plays a factor when it comes to what a guy is packing down below. This goes for whether it’s short and thick or long and skinny. Every woman has a preference and there’s nothing like coming across a breath taking piece of work. Ladies you know exactly what I’m talk about. That moment when the passion is lit between the two of you and you know its about to go down. This usually happens following the intense kissing and passionate caressing on one another. Moments later all eyes are on the package. Secretly, this is a make or break situation in your thoughts and then he whips it out.

Granted if it’s all you've ever wanted let us say, “Amen”, but if not this is when you use the line, “This is all too soon and I should behave.” Don’t act like you don’t know the routine. Truthfully, ladies if you didn't know men are more self-conscious about their measurements than women are. It may sound cliche  but its true their ego is tied to every inch. Being that the average size stands at 5.5 inches he of course wants to measure up or exceed the expectations. Little do some know that it’s really in the girth rather than the inches. Now let me confirm that inches are nice too, but more women rave over the girth. 

Yes, we've heard the saying, “It’s all about the motion of the ocean” which is cute, but not quite the truth. There is so much that goes into it. For example, chemistry and foreplay are everything in keeping you self lubricated and mentally stimulated. Plenty of my girlfriends say its mental and I completely agree. Your mind is everything and I know for me I crave chemistry and passion. This is not a game and shouldn't be taken lightly. You deserve your satisfaction just as much as he does. We’re a sexually liberated generation and there is no shame. Take pride in what you want and forever be unapologetic about. 

WELL! There you have it! If that isn't Uncensored and Unconditional then we don't know what is!Tell us what you think. Does size matter or not?!  

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