Tina Knowles Get's Her Groove Back!!!

After years of dealing with Matthew Knowles and recuperating from his messy ways, Mama Tina is officially getting her groove back! 

Beyonce and Solange's CLASSY and SASSY mother, Tina Knowles, walked the red carpet for the Angel Ball in New York City with her alleged new boo, actor Richard Lawson! They look absolutely amazing together! What an upgrade Ms. Tina (no shade Matthew Knowles but all shade). Apparently these two have been dating for a while but have kept things under wraps until now! All we can say is better step out with your man...LOL!  She deserves to be happy after everything she went through (cheating and baby mama issues)! We know in her head all she is saying to Matthew Knowles is, "You must not know bout must not know bout me...I can have another you in a minute." LOL. We wonder how Solange and Beyonce feel about their mother's new friend?! You know what they say, "Mama gotta have a life too."

Side SASS: Can we say that for 59-years-old Ms. Tina is snatched like no other! She looks stunning and is slaying in that dress!

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