Tyra Banks Is Pissed At Drake!!!

Supermodel Tyra Banks is beyond pissed at Drake for revealing to the world their dirty little secret!!

Earlier this year, Drake revealed in an interview with Angie Martinez that he went on a secret Disneyland date with Tyra Banks! They even wore a disguise to keep things under warps! Their first and only date was supposed to be a secret, but Drake just couldn't keep his mouth closed...LOL! 

This week, Tyra Banks visited the Steve Harvey Show and discussed being caught off guard by Drake dry snitching:

"First of all watching Ellen and I'm like I can't believe and my phone is hitting up and my social media, my Twitter, my Instagram people are like 'oohh girl you went to Disneyland, what'd you wear?' Like people are going crazy and I'm like it's not fair. And Drake I have words for you, I'mma freestyle, I can rap."

At the end of the interview Tyra decided to give Drake a piece of her mind with a freestyle..LOL:

"Drake rhymes with snake but no he ain't/ He's more like a lion/ Going on Ellen but no lying/ Tell the truth, what's up dude about the day on Disneyland/ You ain't my man right now/Why you gotta kiss and tell but chill and tell/You going to jail"

Who knew that Drake had all of the ladies?! However, he may have really messed up his chances with her! We are willing to bet that he will forever be in Tyra's friend zone...poor Drake! I guess he was right, "Men talk more than women these days." 

Watch Tyra Banks freestyle below

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