"YOU AIN'T GOT THE ANSWERS MAN!" Kanye West Goes In!!!

SMH!! Man Kanye West goes all the way in on everybody!! This man seriously has no cut cards whatsoever!! His latest victim of his slick ass mouth was Sway Calloway, pop culture journalist most known for being a correspondent for MTV
So we told you about Kanye's latest interview with The Breakfast Club and the tension between him and Charlamagne The God. forward to his interview on Sway's Shade 45 Show. Baby we're starting to think Mr. West might need some anger management or something! He just be popping off on every damn body! The interview starts off smooth with Sway basically praising Kanye for his work and all he's done thus far. Then, about half way through, Kanye goes in!!! 

Check out the full interview: 

LOL!!! This is so funny but it's not funny. Seriously Kanye?! He didn't have to go in like that!! Sway did a good job at keeping his cool so kudos to him for that. 

Side SASS: Did you notice how Kanye kept mentioning the interview with Charlamagne?! Clearly he still feels some type of way about that LOL. 

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