Beyoncé's Background Singers The Mamas Come Front Stage In Hot 97 Interview!!!

If you have ever been to a Beyoncé experience (because she doesn't have concerts...LOL) then you have seen them and you definitely have heard them! Who are we talking about?! We are talking about Beyoncé's BOLD, CLASSY, & Oh So SASSY back-up singers The Mamas. Baby these girls can shake it and sing their asses off! However, we rarely hear from them off of  the stage but that's definitely about to change! 

We guess since Beyoncé is becoming more open so is her team! Recently, Beyoncé’s back-up singers, The Mamas, gave a rare and exclusive interview with HOT 97's, Ebro! In the interview we got to know Crystal Collins, Tiffany Monique, and Montina a little bit better and they also dropped a major surprise!

On how long they have been working for Beyoncé:

Crystal Collins: "8 years almost going on 9."

Tiffany Monique: "7 going on 8 years."

Montina: "10 years"

On Beyoncé not being intimated by their talent:

Crystal Collins: “That’s what I love about her! She gives everybody their shine and she believes in us and she loves us so we love her.”

Tiffany Monique: “Yes, she’s not intimidated by talent. In fact she likes to showcase it like she know she’s confident and what she has to offer but she’s just as proud of the team behind her.”

Montina: And I think she knows that it takes a team to make something that big work. So everybody on her team is exceptionally talented. There are no scrubs!”
Crystal Collins: “Ain’t no scrubs here boo!”

On Beyoncé’s amazing work ethic:

Crystal Collins: “That girl works hard.”

Tiffany Monique: “Like the production rehearsals are crazy. We may work 16 hours that day but the crazy thing about B is, before we come in she’s there and when we leave, she’s still there. And when we come in the next day, she’s there.”

What is a regular day like for The Mamas?

Crystal Collins: "We’ll split up, it’s everything. The band is working on their thing, because we have an itinerary, and we work on what we have to work on and getting our notes."

Tiffany Monique: "It’s such a big production. We work on our vocals and then we get on stage and blend that together with the band then the dancers come on stage and we work on the actual production itself. So, there are so many different components. Mama’s do choreography, so we work on our choreography.”

Crystal Collins: "You can’t be with B and not have no steps now!"

On if The Mama’s will release an album:

All: “Yeah, we’re working on that.”

Tiffany Monique: “No, we’re going to.”

Watch the full interview below:

It sounds like Beyoncé is not only an amazing person but a bomb boss as well! It was nice to get to know the girls behind King Bey! They are so sweet and humble!  We can't wait to hear some music from The Mamas we know it's going to be great! 

Side SASS: You saw how they gave Ebro the side eye for asking about Blue?! He know's Beyoncé team is famous for keeping everything under wraps! He tried it!

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