"Don't You Wish Your Mother Was Hot Like Me"

These young girls better take notes!! Jada Pinkett Smith is definitely out here showing them how it's done. The 42-year-old mother of three (two birth and one step-child) took the term "MILF" to a whole new level when she displayed her ASSets on her recent trip to Hawaii. 

All we can say is CAKE, CAKE, and more CAKE!!! Okay, it may be more like a slice of cake but hey  Mrs. Smith is definitely repping for the little butt crew! Hey girl hey! Her body looks uber amazing and would definitely put most young girls to shame! We can barely even tell that she had kids! 

Jada has always been fit, but at 42-years-old she is definitely doing the damn thing! Seriously, we just did 100 crunches just looking at this picture...LOL! After seeing this we know that everyone wants the secret to keeping it right and tight like Mrs. Smith! Well guess what?! It's no secret! She doesn't even like to work out! Last year she told Women's Health Magazine that she just wasn't into working out anymore:

"Well, I used to push a lot of iron. I’ve been in the gym for like 15 years now, and I’m just not motivated by it anymore. So I do a lot of outside sports. On my Christmas vacation, I did a lot of cross-country skiing, and I like to hike. I usually do my yoga at home in the evenings for about an hour. Sometimes I go to a class, but with my schedule, it’s really difficult for me — and my kids like to join me. We do a lot of yoga together. It’s part of our connection time. So I’m killing a couple of birds with one stone."

It must be those genes that got Jada looking 21! We guess it's safe to say "she get it from her mama" because her mother  (cheetah print bathing suit) was looking super cute as well. All we can say is,  "you better give these kids life Jada boo! "

Side SASS: Where in the world is Will Smith?!

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