Fashion Killer: DiAndre Tristan

Before we go any further with this story on THEE Fashion Killer, Team SASS would like to wish this amazing, stylish, Bold, Classy, & Oh So SASSY young man a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Honestly, this interview was one of the most exciting times in our lives! When he actually agreed to do the interview we literally almost died! DiAndre Tristan is the best celebrity stylist in the world! We loved his work, his story, his amazing personality, we could go on LOL! When we read his story we just knew we had to meet him and tell his story to our amazing readers!

We interviewed DiAndre Tristan a little while ago and it was our hope to have a visual interview for you all. We have been working hard since then to get the video edited and amazing, but that didn't really work out *sad face* We really couldn't wait any longer to share his story with you, and we thought what better day to do that than his birthday?! So...ladies and gentlemen, The SASS would like to introduce to you *drum roll* DiAndre Tristan: Fashion Killer!!!!!

THE SASS: When did you fall in love with fashion?!

DiAndre Tristan: 17! Straight out of high school! I was 17 I had just graduated and I was going to go to this college that I really didn’t want to go to for business. At the last minute I went and booked a train ticket to Philadelphia. I went into the Art Institute of Philadelphia took my transcripts and got accepted the same day. Ever since then it’s been all about fashion!

THE SASS: Your story is so inspiring would you mind sharing it with our readers

DiAndre Tristan: Girl you got some Kleenex [Laughter]! Wow! Girl, okay! I graduated college in 2007 and moved back to D.C, where I’m from. I moved back home and things weren't picking up like I wanted tem too. I had my life planned out, college 17, graduate college by 21, and fashion designer by 25. And things weren’t working out the way I wanted them to work out. So I got a phone call from my uncle who is a costume designer on Broadway and he asked me to join him on a stage play that was in D.C. with Kelly Price and Mary Mary. To help him make clothes for Kelly [Price], I agreed. I met Kelly [Price] and she was wonderful. It was a weeklong show and afterwards she asked me what I wanted to do with my career and I told her I wanted to be a fashion designer. She gave me this guy’s information; he was a stylist in L.A. I called him and spoke to him one time and told him what I wanted to do and I was hungry for it and I wanted it. He told me he lived in L.A. I told him I had no problem moving to L.A….I WILL come to L.A. I [told] him I wanted to learn the business and all of that. I never heard from him again! He never called me back! So, I called Kelly back and told I her what happened and Kelly took me on the road with her and I WORKED, with no pay and did everything on my own. I was just grinding! I went back to D.C. and met this lady named Kittie Troy who was on Vh1’s ‘Let’s Talk About Pep’ and she was telling me how she was about to do this reality show and if I wanted to be a part of it, I was like sure and we came up to New York and did the show. One of the makeup artist that did the show, Elena George, was Robin [Robert’s] make up artist. She was like I work at GMA [Good Morning America] you should come and I was like alright cool. At the same time I was living in D.C. and I was coming back and forth to New York. I would pay my own way to come up there. I was coming up every week just popping up at the show [laughing] meeting all these celebrities and doing all sorts of stuff. Then they went to the Oscars years ago and she was like you should come out and I was like, ‘Alright…Cool.’ Robin knew I wanted to be a stylist but she already had a stylist. So we got out to L.A. and long story short we were sitting in Robin’s dressing room…I remember it like it was yesterday…we were sitting in Robin’s room and she was like, “Do you want to dress me for the event, the Oscars after party? ” I was like, ‘Sure.’ Mind you I didn’t know L.A. scenery, like how they work out or anything, but long story short I made it happen! I dressed her for the event and she liked me! We got back to New York and she asked me, ‘Do you want to style me? ’ So I did it piece by piece and made it happen. I was staying at a hotel because I wasn’t living there [New York] and just it just worked itself out. Just grinding you know?! 

The SASS: That is amazing. For you to be where you are today

DiAndre Tristan: Girl…GOD is good!

The SASS: GOD is good! Won’t he do it! 

The SASS: So who is your biggest inspiration?

DiAndre Tristan: I would have to say Robin and Tamar. Seeing Robin struggle with what she’s been through, and knowing Tamar now for three years and seeing how bad she wanted it and watching it come to fruition. Just how everything is happening for her…GOD is good. 

The SASS: How did you start working for Tamar Braxton?!

DiAndre Tristan: I met her three years ago when she came to GMA [Good Morning America] when they first, first started the Braxtons. I saw Vince in the hallway and told him I would love to style Tamar and he was like sure give me a minute. I was waiting outside the dressing room for a minute and I went in there and spoke to everybody and introduced myself. At the time I was working for Robin and I told Tamar, “I want to style you.” She was like [in his best Tamar impression] “Yes, let’s make it happen [Laughter].” It happened just like that! We kept in touch and we followed each other on Twitter. We never exchanged numbers; we just kept in touch on Twitter. One day she told me to call her and she just gave me her number, I was so surprised. Again, we just kept in contact. She was doing something in New York and I called Vince and I was like, ‘Vince I would love to style Tamar.” He was like alright let’s make it happen and ever since then we just been killing it!

The SASS: You really have been! When she was pregnant she looked bomb! We were like OMG!

The SASS: Do you have any style tips?! What should every woman have in their closet?

DiAndre Tristan: Every woman should have a leather jacket. Every woman should have a blazer. Every woman should have skinny jeans. Every woman should have Isabel Marant’s..sike! I’m just joking…I’m joking!

The SASS: Listen you save those coins and get you a pair! You heard it right here!

DiAndre Tristan: Okay…top 5. Blazer, leather jacket, skinny pants, blouse…see top 5 can go anyway! Depending on what look you’re going for.

The SASS: Well what about the SASSY girl that’s on a budget!

DiAndre Tristan: The girl that loves Forever 21, H&M! Tamar loves Forever 21, she loves Zara and H&M. So blazer, leather jacket, skinny pants, and leather pants…since we are going into fall I would say a boot; a biker boot to go with your leather jacket.

The SASS: You can put that all together and look real SASSY! Then tag The SASS and Diandre Tristian for giving you those free lessons [laughter]

The SASS: Our tag line is Be Bold, Be Classy, & Oh So SASSY! So what do you think makes you Bold, Classy, & Oh So SASSY?! We can look at you and tell you are all of that but if you could tell our readers:

DiAndre Tristan: Just be yourself! I hate when somebody see something…like okay like I love leather. I have been wearing leather for a minute okay. Like people from D.C. or around the world don’t like something until a celebrity has it. Like when Kanye West started wearing leather pants and pink shirts that’s when everybody thought it was hot. I was wearing it before that [Laughter]!

The SASS: You started that [laughter]

DiAndre Tristan: I wouldn’t say I started it [laughter] but I was wearing it before everybody else and people were looking at me like I was crazy. Like Eddie Murphy…he wore it first. You know?! That all red leather in 86 he wore it first, but you just got to be yourself. Do what you feel is best for you, just do you! Just be BOLD!

The SASS: What advice do you have for stylist trying to be where DiAndre is?!

DiAndre Tristan: Diandre Tristian is ?!

The SASS: Yes [Laughter]

DiAndre Tristan: Always put GOD first be humble. Pay your tithes and just study the game! It’s so many of us out there [stylist]. You have to set yourself apart from everybody else. Definitely study the game. Stay up on the trends. Just pray man! Pray…pray…stayed prayed up! Stay prayed up. I’m telling you it works! If I look back at my life 5 years ago and you would have told me I was doing what I’m doing now, girl I would have laughed you out! It’s amazing…GOD is amazing! GOD is good…so good! Girl, I’m about to cry [fanning eyes and wipes tears]. GOD is just so good! Just stay prayed up and be BOLD and that’s it.

The SASS: What’s your biggest accomplishment:

DiAndre Tristan: My biggest accomplishment to me would be the OSCARS. To me it was just like the best! I’m sorry, everybody would think I would say Tamar but I did the OSCARS three years in a row and it was magic! It’s like the top of the fashion game! That to me was just amazing! It’s a whole new experience every time I go there.

The SASS: How big do you see yourself getting?!

DiAndre Tristan: I just want to be great at what I do! Every day I say I am blessed at what I do! I have an eye, people tell me that all the time, and I really believe that I have an eye for fashion. [Starts crying again] This is why my agent never lets me do interviews [laughter].

The SASS: That’s good because you can really tell that you are really passionate and the blessings are really come through you know?! You are a star!

DiAndre Tristan: No, I’m not…I work for the stars!

The SASS: Let us tell you when you replied to our email. We were like OMG! I almost fell out the chair! Then we were like wait did he give us his phone number..OMG! You don’t understand! My mother was asking why I was cheesing so hard watching Tamar and Vince and I was like, “Girl only if you knew!”

DiAndre Tristan: Thank-you…it really does mean a lot!

The SASS: This means a lot to us! More than a lot! I don’t think there are any words to describe how much this means to us. We have been watching you!

DiAndre Tristan: Thank-you!!

The SASS: When we decided to get this blog up in running we were like who can we interview. Then we sent the email and we were like maybe he will see it, maybe he won’t. Then you responded and we were like OMG!

DiAndre Tristan: Like I said it’s all about being humble. Like I get so many emails and I be like how these people get my email address [laughter]. It’s all about being humble.

The SASS: What are your favorite looks from Tamar and Robin Roberts?

DiAndre Tristan: Favorite looks from Tamar was the BET awards announcements. She wore the black Gucci ensemble with the Tom Ford’s. That was a great moment for me. [When she wore] the yellow Alexander McQueen dress and the BCBG blazer, that was a moment for me! I can’t think of all of them! What are some of y’all favorites?!


The SASS: When I saw her in that BCBG leather sweat suit. I was like I need that!

DiAndre Tristan: Oh! The outfit from London!


The SASS: Especially with that red pump! That was bomb!

DiAndre Tristan: That was such a last minute outfit! We were out in New York and right before she left for London we just pulled it together. It was so last minute but it worked out!

The SASS: That Alexander McQueen dress was amazing! That all white outfit from ‘The One’ video?! You made her look bomb! She was gorgeous!

DiAndre Tristan: That was fun to be a part of!

The SASS: Especially when y’all are joking with her on the show! Like oh no boo boo!

DiAndre Tristan: Because she be in denial [laughter]! She is in denial about her size! She was in denial about her size but I had to pull her back a little bit [laughter]!

The SASS: She doesn’t look that big on the TV [laughter]?

DiAndre Tristan: Oh no! Home girl was big [laughter]! She was big baby [laughter]!

The SASS: So what about Ms. Roberts?!

DiAndre Tristan: See that’s a weekly thing! So I get so many awesome moments out of that! The look we did for Michael and Kelly it was a Tom Ford dress and recently we did an Alexander McQueen for when we had India Arie on there, but there are so many looks from Robin that I can’t decide!

The SASS: Ever since you started dressing her! We were like wow! She is like looking bomb! Not saying she didn’t look good before!

DiAndre Tristan: She didn’t [laughter] it’s okay [laughter]! She didn’t.

The SASS: Now she looks extra, extra bomb!

DiAndre Tristan: Thank – you so much!

The SASS: When you post her outfits on Instagram I be like ‘yes boy.’ This is amazing!

DiAndre Tristan: I love Robin. That lady really changed my life completely! She is definitely a blessing from GOD. Amazing, amazing, and amazing!

The SASS: So when you’re styling this people what goes through your mind?! Do you already know in your mind how you want them to look? Or do you just feed off of different things?

DiAndre Tristan: Well I have a look in my head, but then again they don’t always get that to be honest. We are about to do the CMA’s  with Robin and then the Soul Train Awards with Tamar. I already have Robin looks in my head and I got some stuff ready, but who’s to say she’s going to go with that?! You know?! So hopefully fingers crossed when I get back Monday everything will work out. Then with Tamar, I’m working on the tour and Tamar’s outfits for the Soul Train Awards right now. We have the tour situated; we just are trying to find a look for the awards. I have a look…you know what just stay tuned!

The SASS: We know she’s going to look amazing and blow it out of the water! She gives us so much life!

DiAndre Tristan: I can’t wait until she gets back to a size 2. So I can pull her up! No shade [laughter]!

The SASS: You said no shade?! [Laughter]

DiAndre Tristan: No shade! [Laughter] I love you Tae! [Laughter]

The SASS: She still looks bomb!

DiAndre Tristan: She does but she looks better when she was a 2! [Laughter]

The SASS: Are you picking out clothes for baby Logan?!

DiAndre Tristan: Oh no! That’s Vincent! Vincent Herbert! Vincent buys that baby more clothes! [Laughter] He has more clothes than Tamar! He’s so adorable!

The SASS: He’s so cute!

DiAndre Tristan: He’s such a good baby! OMG! He’s such a good baby! He is amazing! So cute! He’s so smart and aware.

The SASS: What is DiAndre Tristian's style?!

DiAndre Tristan: Oh wow! I don’t know how you would explain it!

The SASS: Let us tell you! You do not look like you just threw this on!

DiAndre Tristan: I did! I just got off the train! [Laughter]

The SASS: When I saw that Chanel cuff on Instagram. I was like wow!

DiAndre Tristan: She’s a lot right [looks at cuff]!

The SASS: Y’all see that! Bomb!

DiAndre Tristan: I love Chanel. I’m a huge fan of Chanel.

The SASS: Can you describe your style in one word?!

DiAndre Tristan: Bomb! [Laughter] Done…to a T! [Laughter]

The SASS: I know you out here slaying the game! I know other people be trying to get you [laughter]!

DiAndre Tristan: I have a good agent! [Laughter] Yeah, but right now I’m focused on Tamar and Robin! I do other clients as well! I work with Bianna Golodryga she’s the weekend anchor! I have an amazing assistant, Nia. I’m just focused on Tamar, Robin, and  Bianna Golodryga.

The SASS: Do you see yourself remaining a stylist?!

DiAndre Tristan: Girl no! I want to own my own clothing company by 30!

The SASS: We need you to do that! So we can get our life!

TDiAndre Tristan: he man upstairs is definitely working it out! It’s just being patient!

The SASS: That’s going to be bomb! We can’t wait!

The SASS: Every time we type in Tamar and Ms. Robin, they just say DiAndre Tristian! [Laughter]

The SASS: Any last words?!

DiAndre Tristan: Watch Good Morning America! Set your DVR’s. Get ‘Love & War’ out now! Get the Christmas album November 11th. [‘Winter Loversland.’] Go see Tamar on tour! Hopefully you will see me! Keep GOD first!

Side SASS: Team SASS really has to thank the amazing DiAndre Tristan once again for such an amazing interview! You are such an inspiration and we appreciate it more than you know! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU WITH MANY MORE!

Watch him in action with Tamar Braxton below

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