LAWD Christmas Came Early From King Bey!!!!!!

Los Angeles, California 2013
Photographed by Rob Hoffman

LAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please excuse us while we scream to the top of our lungs!!!!! This is it! We don't want anything else for Christmas! Beyonce just surprised the world with a huge announcement and excited can't even begin to explain how we feel here at The SASS!!!!! 
Baby she's BACK! King Bey is back and she has just released her brand new album, Beyonce - Exclusive Visual Album on iTunes!!! Not only does it include 14 amazing and brand new songs, but Bey is giving us 17 videos with it! *SCREAMS*

Ok so we are still trying to compose our excitement but you know we were on this immediately and downloaded our copies! How sneaky of Beyonce, but baby we love it! She's so unpredictable and she keeps us on our toes! We knew there would be an album soon...but not this soon! Damn Bey we've only been waiting forever!!!! But, nonetheless we are beyond happy! Who else do you know that could just drop an album out of thin air?! EXACTLY only King Bey (and her husband Jay- Z) can do ish like that!!

A little after midnight, Beyonce released this teaser video on her Instagram announcing the album release and you know the world went crazy (we damn sure did)!!

Seriously, we are starting to think that this woman just isn't human! How the hell did she manage to record an album and shoot all of those videos while touring the world, be a mother and a wife, and take vacations with her family?! Whatever she's doing, we need that over at The SASS A.S.A.P!

The SASS has been listening to our Christmas gift since we got it and we just can't get enough of it! I mean, we may be a little biased because we live for Beyonce hunty but, we know amazing when we hear it and see it! YAAASSSS Bey you definitely did the damn thing! Show the world what it means to be Bold, Classy, & Oh So SASSY!! *three snaps*

Have you downloaded your copy yet?! Well hurry up and tell The SASS what you think!

Side SASS: Beyonce we like surprises and all, but we can't take another one like this! We almost had a heart attack! 

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