Little Boy Goes Off To Beyonce & Jay Z's 'Drunk In Love"

 It's a fact that kids say and do the darndest things but we think this little boy takes the cake! Recently while browsing Instagram we came across little Chaz performing Beyonce's new song 'Drunk In Love' and baby it's hilarious! Can you say cuteness overload?!

We have literally watched this video a million and one times! He is beyond adorable! He literally went off when the beat dropped! He was so serious with those body rolls!  No really this must be his favorite song ever for him to be jamming like this...LOL! Who taught him that last move though?! We are crying real tears right now...LOL!!! If Beyonce ever does the remix she better call my man because he will definitely kill it!  If you want to see more funny videos of  little Chazzzz check out his Instagram (yes he has one!) and follow him @iamchazzzz!

Side SASS: Watch this other super funny spoof of the 'Drunk In Love' video! People play too much!

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