|NEW MUSIC| Bridget Kelly's New EP 'Cut To...Bridget Kelly'

Roc Nation artist Bridget Kelly has finally released her second  EP 'Cut To...Bridget Kelly' and it was definitely worth the wait!

No matter what type of emotions you are feeling Bridget Kelly definitely has you covered! From happy, heartbreak, and mad it's all there! On the EP, Bridget narrates a crazy love story and by the end you will feel like you went through it too! That's how good she is!  This will definitely be in rotation this week! You can download your free copy on December 17th at or stream it now with Spotify!

Watch the exclusive trailer for the EP below:

What do you think of her new EP?! Is it SASS or Trash?!
Side SASS: Why didn't y'all tell us that she sung that 'Special Delivery' song?! We had no idea that was her! 

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