|NEW MUSIC| Elle Varner ft. Wale - 'Rover'

We have been waiting forever and a day for Elle Varner to release some new music to follow up her amazing debut album, Perfectly Imperfect. Well it looks like our wish finally came true because the 24-year-old songstress just released a new single called 'Rover' featuring MMG rapper Wale!
In her new song Elle Varner rides effortlessly over the beat with her sultry voice as she lets her man know that she jumping in her Rover and coming over for some one on one fun! Oh, and she promises that this will be one ride he won't forget! Yes Elle! Wale definitely adds his own personal touch to the track and makes some promises of his own. One in particular being that he will make his girl hit those Mariah Carey high notes...LOL! 

Listen to track below:

So what do you think?! Is it SASS or Trash!!

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