|NEW VIDEO| Lauryn Hill - 'Consumerism'

Prison must have really changed Lauryn Hill, because the visual for her new single 'Consumerism' is very different and not in a good way.

We love Lauryn Hill ! No scratch that we love the old Lauryn Hill, you know  The Miseducation of Education of Lauryn Hill and Sister Act 2 Lauryn Hill! We don't know who this new person is! We understand that artist grow and want to switch it up a bit but we don't like this new sound at all. 

Watch the visual below

Are you feeling her new sound or nah?!

Side SASS: Lauryn we know deep down inside of you there lies a musical genius! Please bring her back! Until then The SASS will be blasting The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and Lauryn Hill Unplugged until further notice!

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