|NEW VIDEO| Tamar Braxton - "She Can Have You"

It's definitely going to be a very cold Christmas for Tamar Braxton after she gets dropped by her boyfriend in the new visuals for her single 'She Can Have You' from her Christmas album, Winter Loversland

What's worse than getting dumped before Christmas?! Ummm let's see!! Maybe catching your ex-boyfriend on a shopping spree with his new girl after he told you he needed to find himself! Yup, grimey right?! Well this is exactly what happens in Tamar's new video!

We literally got so caught up in the video and singing our hearts out that we almost forgot that it wasn't real...LOL! That scenario was just too much for our lives! The part that got us was when the emotions really started to sink in, and she started drinking straight from the bottle, giving herself a "you don't need him pep talk, and then two seconds later crying her eyes out! Every girl has been there before! However, hopefully every girl has a good friend like Shateria Moragne-el that will be there for you!

Watch the visuals below

This video is definitely another win for Tamar! She definitely gave us our life today hunny! 

Side SASS:  Shateria Moragne-el we need those Tom Ford cat eye sunnies like yesterday! 

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