New Year, New Color , New You! The Hottest Makeup Trends For 2014!!


We have been trying to tell y'all about our Bold, Classy & Oh So SASSY makeup artist, Tymia Yvette! She brings us all of the latest makeup trends and she can beat a face to the GAWDS hunty! Trust us, you don't want to enter 2014 still wearing 2013 makeup! Check out the latest in makeup trends and find out what color has blossomed as the official color of the year! 

The Christmahanakwanzika day (or maybe for some, the Noholidaycelbutory day) is finally over. But don't pack your glitter liners and sparkly highlighters away too quickly! The New Year is approaching and what better way to bring in the New Year than on trend and in style. If you haven't heard, the Pantone 2014 Fashion Color Report has declared Radiant Orchid the official color of the new year.
When it comes to Pantone, they have been the leading fashion color authority for the last 20 years. They're the reason you accented your living room with emerald green last year, bought that bright tangerine pillow for your couch in 2012, and wore your favorite red-pink honeysuckle lipstick with everything in 2011. 
Here's some tips and techniques on how to create fun and trendy makeup this New Year's Eve. Even if you don't celebrate the holidays, you still have to be in trend for 2014 right?!? So pay attention;)
Maybe you're finishing up the final accents on your New Year's Eve outfit OR you want to get a jump start on the trend and impress your friends. Either way, why not go all out with a dramatic makeup  look!
Let's start with the eyes :)
A sultry and flirty purple smokey eye is just what you need to stand out in the crowd.Young Punk by MAC is a beautiful black shadow with flecks of purple and pink sparkle. Highlight the inner corner of your smokey eye with NYX's Loose Pearl Eyeshadow in Light Purple
Young Punk eyeshadow (left) and Light Purple loose eyeshadow (right)
Young Punk eyeshadow (left) and Light Purple loose eyeshadow (right)
Traditionally, most smokey eyes are accompanied with a soft nude lip. But since it's the New Year, be bold and do a purple lip to complement the eye. Both Darling andBy Starlight from Melt Cosmetics prove to be perfect for the occasion. Line your lips with MAC's Vino or NYX's Purple rain lip liner
(Left to right) Vino lipliner, Darling lipstick, Purple Rain lipliner, By 
Starlight lipstick
Its a lot of color on the eyes and lip so make sure to balance your face out with great contouring and highlighting for the skin. Lorac's TANtalizer Contour and Highlighter duo is great for most shades and gets the job done. 
TANtalizer Contour + Highlighter
TANtalizer Contour + Highlighter
No look is complete without lashes! Try Ardell's Demi Wispies Lashes for even more drama to the eyes.
Demi Wispies
Demi Wispies

Side SASS: If you want to rock Radiant Orchid and don't know how, if you need a makeover for an event, or if you just want to learn how to correctly apply the one and only Tymia Yvette:
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