The 2013 Hunger Games: Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red Octobers!!!

We just got the biggest news of 2013! Yes, even bigger then Beyonce dropping her album! Nike has FINALLY decided to release the much anticipated and long over due Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Red Octobers" exclusively to Foot Locker! OMG! Are you ready?!

Yesterday the Internet went crazy when Foot Locker added the Red Octobers to their release calendars! However, that was only short lived because within minutes they were gone! Sneaker heads all over the world blew up Foot Locker's phone and online chat with one question, "Are y'all getting the "Red Octobers or nah?" Seriously, the whole Internet felt like we had just got punk'd...LOL!  

Within hours Foot Locker finally made an official announcement. The Red Octobers would be coming out but online only on December 27th! We literally jumped through the screen! We never thought in a million and one years that this would happen! After Kanye West had basically told Nike to kiss his ass for playing with his emotions about the Red Octobers, we thought these shoes would never see the light of day! Boy oh boy were we wrong!

What's even crazier about this is we haven't heard one word from Kanye about it!  Does anyone else think this is strange?! Kanye West has an opinion about everything so we know he has something to say! We wonder if his new contract with Adidas is holding him back?! Whatever the case is Nike is a genius. With all of these shoes releasing in the month of December they will definitely be seeing a major jump in their coin! 

Side SASS: Do you know how hype we are right now?! We have to get our hands on these! Not only do they come in our favorite color but we here at The SASS love a mean sneaker! Don't get us wrong we love our pumps, but there is definitely nothing better than putting on some fresh tennis shoes! We just hope they come in kids or we will be devastated...SMH! Will you be indulging?!

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