Carmelo Anthony Goes In On NY Knicks Fan On Twitter

All Carmelo Anthony wanted to do was spread some positivity to end 2013 and giveaway free shoes but he ended up checking a New York Knicks fan for getting slick out the mouth instead!

On New Years Eve, New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony was all about positivity and promoting his new shoes the Melo 10's with a free giveaway. However, things went left really fast when a fan decided to give the basketball player a piece of his mind! Usually when fans pop slick some celebrities just let it roll but not Melo! Instead of letting the comment slide, Carmelo decided to respond and it was hilarious!

LOL..donut face though! We are in tears...LOL! Once Carmelo clapped back the fan instantly got sensitive and eventually copped a plea...LOL! When will these people learn?! You can't say whatever you want to people and get away with it! We have said it once and we will say it a million more times "celebrities are people too." 

The comeback was so funny that even his team mates retweeted it and people created meme's (those funny pictures you see on Instagram) for it!

Side SASS: We wouldn't be surprised if he got an endorsement from Krispy Kremes or Dunkin Donuts from all of this!

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