Drake Spoofs Your Favorite Rappers On SNL

If Drake ever decided to quit rapping he definitely has a career in comedy because he is hilarious! This past weekend the rapper went back to his acting roots to guest star on Saturday Night Live and it was beyond funny! 

We always knew Drake was funny but not this funny! He literally had us in tears from the moment he stepped onto the screen! Some of his skits included a reenactment of his Bar Mitzvah, portraying disgraced baseball player Alex Rodriguez, and Lil Wayne as Steve Urkal! However, hands down his impersonation of comedian Katt Williams was the best skit of the entire show! He nailed Katt to a T! Especially with the hair, voice, and mannerism! We couldn't stop laughing! We can't wait to hear what Katt has to say about this! 

 Drake ended the show with an amazing performance featuring the amazing Jhené Aiko

Watch Drake's hilarious appearance on SNL below:

Watch Drake x  Jhené Aiko perform below:

Side SASS: SNL also did a hilarious skit with Kenan Thompson portraying Sway that you might not want to miss!

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