Gabourey Sidibe Sends A Special Message To Her Haters

At the 2014 Golden Globes Gabourey Sidibe showed up in a shimmery off white gown designed by her stylist, Daniel Musto, with Michael Costello! However, as soon as she hit the red carpet everyone and their mother had something to say about her outfit choice! Some comments were constructive criticism while others were just plain rude! So Gabeourey decided to take to her Twitter and let the haters know just how she felt about their opinions!

Yes...Gabourey!!!! That was definitely a read for all the haters out there! Who knew that Gabourey could be so shady?! We sure didn't but we love it anyway...LOL! In the words of Lil Wayne, "She ain't worried about nothing." So while people are sending shots through the computer the Oscar nominated actress is calling shots from her private jet! So who's really winning here?! 

Side SASS: Peep the shade Michael Costello threw Gabourey's stylist for changing the vision of the dress! Messy!

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