Gabrielle Union Admits She's Addicted To Big Butts!

Gabrielle Union has a confession! The 41-year-old newly engaged actress is addicted to big butts and she isn't ashamed!

Recently while appearing on the Conan O'Brien show, Gabrielle Union admitted to the world that when she goes to the gym her focus isn't on working out but on watching big butts...LOL! The actress says they help motivate her! Just so you know these aren't any old random butts that she's looking at either! Her preference is adult entertainment stars:

"Oh, I’m all over them. I’m like….’Hey girl, hey!’ I’m blessed to work out at a gym that has a lot of adult entertainment actresses, a lot of porn gals. Salt of the earth, really sweet girls. You know, you see things. I recognize them! Yes, I seen your work. I love it. And let me get some tips. I also compete with them and they don’t realize it. We’re basically having Olympics, they’re just not aware."

She even admitted to being on a "porn diet." Get your mind out the gutter because she is talking about that...LOL! Instead she watches what the adult entertainers eat :

"I'll watch and see what they're ordering...I'm on a porn diet."

The actress also gave us a slight preview of her basketball trash talk and it hilarious! We know for sure that she embarrasses D. Wade every time she does it!

Side SASS: Before she left she had to show off that beautiful engagement ring! *Sigh* 

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