Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Tamera Mowery-Housely Gets New Cut

Tamera Mowry-Housely has decided to start the new year off with a brand new look! Yes, hunny! Tamera has decided to trade in her long hair don't care for a BOLD new cut!

Hey cutie! We can not believe she cut her hair?! If it was one thing that Tia and Tamera were known for was that head full of pretty hair! However, we definitely understand that sometimes you want to switch things up and try something new! Tamera dished on Instagram that a hair stylist had messed up her natural hair and that is what caused her to make the transformation:

"It all began when a hair stylist used a marcel HOT IRON on my hair and ruined it. I cried, but it’s only made me appreciate the hair I was born with. Ladies embrace your curls…Beginnings of my curly hair journey. It starts with a cut! You don’t always have to do a big chop! Like me, I’m doing it gradually. Learn to love your natural hair. Thanks @shaiamiel for mine:) I’ll post transition hair style soon:) "

So now she's embracing her natural curls and loving every minute of it! She even got on Instagram and flexed with her new hair...LOL! How cute?! We have to admit we like it! It's definitely something different for her! 

Side SASS: Will you be trying a new look for 2014?! 

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