Hot North Carolina Rapper Joins Jay Z On Stage!

Jay Z has been on his Magna Carter Tour since late last year. His most recent stop was Greensboro, North Carolina where he shocked the crowd and invited a special guest on stage with him. 
While performing in North Carolina, Jay Z spotted 12 year old fan, Justin in the front row with a sign saying "Can I rap for you?," according to TMZ. Beyonce's boo invited the young man on stage and he killed Jay's verse to Clique, minus the drug dealing part upon Jay's request.

When we saw this video we were absolutely amazed! This little boy was not nervous at all! He was on that stage like it was his tour LOL! TMZ reported that Justin's dream was to "get noticed" by Jay Z. His mother, Angela, took him to the Charlotte concert the night before with no luck. Angela did not give up and somehow scored front row seats to the Greensboro show and Justin's dream became a reality! 

Seriously!! How cute is this?! We love seeing other people's dreams come true! After his performance, Justin got to talk with Jay Z for a few minutes backstage! 

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