How To Watch Videos On The SASS

Don't know how to watch videos on The SASS?! Well let us help you out!

1. Log onto the!

2. Click the link "REEL LIVE" in the right hand corner.

 3. Select a television show or event to watch.

4. Once you have selected a television show, zoom into the video player until you see a small grey box.

5. Click the grey box. Once you have clicked the grey box another window should pop up! Close that window and return back to the window with the video player.

6. Un-zoom the screen and click the play button!

7. Press "OK" if you see this prompt.

8. Then the below screen will pop up and the video should play automatically.

We hope this works and you get to watch all the amazing shows we have on The SASS!

Side SASS: On the videos with no ads you can just press play and enjoy!

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