Idris Elba Gets X-Rated On Twitter!!!

"The tweet heard around the world"

Find out how Idris Elba and his bow tie caused pure chaos on Twitter!
Women and some men all over the internet just got their life when the oh so handsome Idris Elba tweeted this:

Wait a minute, did he really just tweet that?! What in the world (insert emoji blush face) is going on?! Idris Elba is a wild boy for sending that out! He must be really feeling himself tonight...LOL! Literally in seconds this tweet was re-tweeted up and down our timelines and added to over three thousand users favorite Tweet list! Who knew the actor was such a freak?! The tweet definitely took us by surprise, however, it was the responses to the tweet that had us in shock! Women were literally offering this man any and everything via Twitter for this tweet! We are in tears over some of the responses...LOL! Any who, hopefully he won't claim he was hacked when everybody catches wind to it! We can not wait to watch this play out!

Side SASS: This man is a fool. Seriously!

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