Joan Rivers Makes Very Disrespectful Comment About Baby North West

Joan Rivers is known for her...for lack of better words...extremely distasteful comments. She literally goes in on any and everybody and has no cut cards! We usually don't pay her comments any attention, but her latest attack is one that we just couldn't ignore.
  Joan was doing a stand up show in Los Angeles recently, when she made her latest attack. Her most recent victim was the oh so cute and innocent baby North West! YES! A baby!!! This has to be like the lowest of lows. We can take her blows at adults, they can defend themselves, but going after an innocent baby is just rude!

During her stand up, she made the following comment about her latest run in with Kim Kardashian and North West:

"That baby is ugly...I've never seen a six-month old so desperately in need of a waxing."

Really?! First of all, are we looking at the same baby?! We think North is just adorable! Her cute smile and those chunky cheeks just really give us baby fever! 

*insert 1,000 heart eye emoji!* 

We just really hope Joan apologizes for her comment before North's daddy, Kanye, claps back and gives her a piece of his mind! Joan isn't the only one that has no filter LOL! Kanye goes in! Like beyond in so we really hope Ms. Rivers is up for the challenge. You can talk about a lot of things, but don't mess with people's children...everybody knows that! 

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