Kenya Moore Proves That Natalie & Christopher Williams Are Not Married

Kenya Moore is known for being a trouble maker and getting messy on Real Housewives of Atlanta! Remember when she started that whole Apollo "texting scandal" last season?! Well in Sunday's episode the former beauty queen stirred up a whole new pot of drama when she accused Cynthia's friend, Natalie, of having a fake marriage to former R&B singer Christopher Williams! Well come to find out that Kenya has proof and baby things just got a whole lot more interesting!

Rewind to Sunday's episode!  Cynthia invites her friend Natalie to the winery to bond with the other girls and things go bad really fast! First, Natalie brings up the fact that her friend used to mess with Kandi's fiance Todd and she semi calls him a opportunist! However, Natalie tries to clean it up and changes from calling him an opportunist to a hustler. Whatever that means...LOL!  Any who, Kenya takes it upon herself to blast Natalie about her own marriage by calling it a "gift certificate" union! We literally died when she said that...LOL! Kenya who worked with Christopher on a play years ago, claims that he never claimed Natalie as his wife but  instead refers to her as his common law wife, girlfriend, and groupie! Ouch! However, Natalie assures Kenya that her and Chris eloped over 18 years ago! Yikes!

Now we all know that Kenya loves to embarrass people! So she went searching for proof that will definitely remind Natalie to never come for her unless she sends for you! Well baby Kenya found the proof and it's pretty embarrassing! In an interview taped in June 2013 Christopher Williams clearly states that he is not married and only has someone "special" in his life! OMG! We don't even want to think about how embarrassed Natalie must feel right now! Hopefully, she checks her her husband, boyfriend, or whatever he is because this is not a good look at all! 

Kenya might have been right this time but that doesn't make her any less shady! We wonder what the other girls think about this?! 

Side SASS: Natalie seemed like a sweet lady but she definitely wasn't ready for all of this! The Housewives are not to be played with hunny!

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