Keyshia Cole Goes In On Loyal Freestyle

Either Keyshia Cole is back singing about heart break and cheating men or she's venting about her own issues in her new free style to Chris Brown's track 'Loyal' featuring Lil Wayne and Sean Kingston.

It's no secret that the singer and her NBA hubby Daniel "Boobie" Gibson are going through a rough patch in their marriage and this song does nothing to dispel those rumors! In the lyrics Keyshia goes all the way in on her "man" about messing up their relationship with his disloyal ways:

"Just got rich
Being broke was a b-tch
These n-ggas ain’t loyal
Look at all the sh*t that he did
These h-es ain’t got what I got
These girls can’t do what I do
These girls are all fake and I know it
And you know you had a real in me
But sh-t okay
Take your money, I’ma go my way.
These n-ggas ain’t loyal and that’s why it’s the song I sing"

Oh, she doesn't stop there! She reminds her man that she was there when he was down on his luck (Side SASS: last year Daniel got cut from the Cleveland Cavaliers and was arrested for an altercation that happened at Essence Music Festival) but it's too late because he definitely blew it!

"When I do what I do
Stuntin’, me and my crew
I had your back when you were down and out
I was there and you know it’s true
One time for my real n*ggas, two time for them fake h*es
What we had was so real, you let it all go
Go down the drain
Stuntin’ in my brand new thang
Hit the club with me my girls
You wasn’t loyal, you f-cked up"

Is art really imitating life?! We don't know for sure, but if this song really is about Keyshia Cole and her husband things aren't looking good! Whatever the case maybe we hope they can resolve their issues! If they can't we know for sure Keyshia Cole's next album will tell us all about it! 

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