Kim Kardashian & Blac Chyna Get Fit For 2014!!!

We guess we weren't the only ones who decided to get our bodies right and tight for 2014! New mommies and BFF's, Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna decided to give Instagram a glimpse of their post baby bodies and baby they look good!

Apparently the duo is serious about getting their bodies back to those pre pregnancy numbers. Who could blame them though?! If we were them we would want that old thing back too...LOL! From the pictures we can tell that both Kim and Chyna have been getting it in at the gym to gain that MILF status! So it's not surprise to us that they decided to flick it up for the camera and give Instagram a little photo shoot! 


Oh, and to all those people judging them don't try to be cute and act like you never took a pic of yourself working out at the gym or showed your progress via Instagram! Kim and Chyna just took their photos up a notch...LOL! We all know pregnancy was not the best time for Kim and in an interview with PEOPLE Magazine she discussed how getting her body back is restoring her confidence:

"Pregnancy for me was a lot tougher than people saw on my show or from magazines. So to get back to feeling like myself just makes me feel good again."

We can't wait to see the finished product! Good luck working out ladies! 

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