Mary J Blige's Father In Critical Condition After Domestic Dispute

Prayers are definitely going up for Mary J. Blige and her family. The singer's father was stabbed in the neck after being involved in a domestic dispute with his former girlfriend.

According to USA Today, Thomas Blige, 63, remains in critical condition this evening after been severely stabbed in the neck this morning by his ex-girlfriend in Battle Creek, Michigan. Police were called to Arbors of Battle Creek apartment complex at 6:58 a.m. Thursday morning and there they found Thomas Blige with three stab wounds, including one to the neck. He was soon rushed to the Bronson Methodist Hospital and had to undergo emergency surgery. Reportedly, the police found his 50-year-old ex-girlfriend in her apartment in the same complex and arrested her. When she was found her clothing and the snow outside of her apartment were splattered with blood. Before being taken into custody at Calhoun County Jail, she was treated for a cut at a nearby hospital. She is expected to be arraigned Friday in Calhoun County District Court on attempted murder charges. According to various news outlets,  this incident all began over the ex-girlfriend attempting to slash the tires on Mr. Blige's Ford SUV. Allegedly, when he went to confront her things escalated.

Wow. That's crazy. However, this is not the first domestic dispute between these two. Apparently, the police have been called several times to defuse situations between them! One of the calls even caused the ex-girlfriend to be charged with aggravated domestic violence this past October after she hit Mr. Blige over the head with a glass candlestick. She entered a no contest plea for the charge and was placed on six months probation....SMH! We have a strong feeling that probation won't even be an option this time around! 

Mary J. Blige and her father are definitely in our prayers. We hope he has a speedy and successful recovery. 

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