Porsha Williams Is Fed Up With Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams better watch her mouth! The talk show host has taken one two many pop shots at Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Willams and the reality star is over of it! 

Recently during the Hot Topic segment of her show, Wendy Williams decided to blast Porsha again! First she went in on her for buying that expensive house in the middle of nowhere and then she read Porsha about her infamous Underground Railroad comment! She told viewers:

"Why would you live out in the suburbs? What is the matter with you? Oh, I know. You’re trying to prove something by keeping up with the Jonses’? You’re the only one that believes that. And then she tried to keep it a secret from NeNe? Nobody’s impressed, Porsha…You don’t wanna live out there…Nobody’s impressed. We’re all looking like you’re crazy.I’ve been looking like you’re crazy ever since, and you know where I’m going with this, the ‘Underground Railroad’ comment.Porsha, the best you can do, my advice to Porsha is to keep your mouth shut and very well. Sorry Porsha, you did it to yourself."

Ouch! We all know how reckless Wendy's mouth can be but we doubt she expected for little miss Porsha to snap back! However, Porsha did! Apparently, she was sick and tired of Wendy being so negative about her life and decided to hit her where it hurt. So Porsha went on Instagram and blasted Wendy for staying with her husband, Kevin Hunter, after he allegedly cheated on her! Messy, messy, and more messy! 

Now we even gave Porsha the side eye about the Underground Railroad comment. However, we would never count somebody else's coin! If Porsha wants to spend $8,000 a month on a lease to buy house that her business! Who are we to judge?! All we know is Wendy better chill because something is telling us that she doesn't want this beef with Porsha

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