|POWER PLAYER| Karen Civil: Hustled Hard From A Blog To An Empire

Karen Civil is bomb! At 29-years-old she is a walking digital empire and someone we admire in this blogging game! She has flipped her love of blogging and marketing into a mini empire and a position at Beats By Dre as their digital marketing director! Need we say more?! 

In the recent edition of XXL Magazine, Karen gives insight to her past and how she became hip-hop's go to girl for marketing! 

The young media mogul got started at 13 when she created a fan site for actor J.D. Williams (The Wire and Oz) which shocked the actor and his lawyer:

"They'd [J.D. Williams and his lawyer] never seen this done for a Black actor. His lawyer was so confused. He kept saying, 'How do you know him, what do you do, where do you live?' I told the lawyer that I was just a fan in school who lived near [Williams] in New Jersey. [Williams] ended up taking me to IHOP for my birthday and we had a whole conversation. That was the moment where I realized that the Internet could get you what you want. This was where it happens."

Her first big break:

"At the time, I wanted to be an MTV VJ. All I cared about was TRL. I was studying communications at school, and one day before class, I heard about the 'Search For An Apprentice' program [for New York's Angie Martinez's Hot 97 radio show]. I immediately wrote [Martinez] an e-mail from the heart about how she had paved the way. Thirty minutes later, there was a response asking me to come in and meet."

On getting a job she hated to support her dream:

"I wanted to go full time with Flex ( she ended up getting a internship with Flex and not Martinez), but it was unpaid, and I needed money to get to the city. So I got a job at this tax accounting place. I didn't know anything about taxes, but I told them that I did--my inspiration was Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead. After doing it wrong a few times, I eventually figured it out. Sorry to all the folks whose taxes I messed up."

On her success:

"Sometimes these contacts make it feel like I have hip-hop in my back pocket. I can hang with Rick Ross in the morning at the BET Awards and then go to Young Jeezy's dinner at night. It's not a big deal. I get to have meeting with Lil Wayne one day and Jimmy Lovine the next about culture at Beats By Dre. It shows that you can go from a blogger to doing whatever you want to do. It's exciting to get to light a match, let it go and watch the fire burn."

Karen Civil is making major power moves out here! She is definitely BOLD, CLASSY, & OH SO SASSY!  She's humble, focused, and self made!  She literally started from the bottom and made her own rules about blogging and created her own lane! We love it! She gives blogging a good name and we definitely respect that! She motivates us everyday to dream bigger and to push The SASS to even greater things because it is possible! Like she said, "You can go from blogging to do whatever you want to do" and we definitely plan on it and you should too!

Read the interview HERE or read the full article in XXL Magazine on news stands now!  

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