Summer Wedding In Paris For Kimye?!

If we don't know anything else about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, we damn sure know that they love Paris! They spend a lot of time there together so it would only make sense that they get married there right?! 
The couple was spotted taking a tour of the gorgeous Palace of Versailles recently and that really got rumors spinning that they were looking to have their nuptials there. Kim stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday to give us some slight details for their big day!

Who would've ever guessed that Kanye was so hands-on (extra sarcasm) LOL! That man has an opinion about any and everything! Of course his wedding is no different! We aren't mad at him though. We think more men should get involved with planning their special days! Anyway, summer in Paris just sounds absolutely amazing! We can only imagine how gorgeous that will be! We hope North West will be a cute little flower girl!!

Kim also talked about who is the best babysitter for baby North and it's no surprise who she said...

Khloe! We just want everything to work out for Khloe. She's one of our best friends (in our head) and we just really hate to see her going through so much! 2014 is her year to find true love and make some babies LOL! 

Side SASS: We were wondering the same thing about Kim and Kanye living with Kris...they have more than enough money to rent a place until their house is done! Maybe they thought it would be better to stay with family with the new baby. 

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