Everybody always says "New Year, New Me," right? We can assure you that attitude doesn't last long! In 2014 we want to help you really stick to that and everything else that you set out to accomplish throughout the year. The SASS and The Gay Bestie are going to help you do somethings that you probably haven't done in a while. What is it?! LIVE!! This bit of inspiration will come from everyone's favorite Gay Bestie

So many of us try and put it on pause or overlook it as the days blend together. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Yeah, I’m placing it front and center, your life. I’m calling you out on it this very second. For the past few years you and I have shared something in common, I’m sure of it. You’ve been more focused on surviving rather than living. Your drive and work ethic is so fierce that you miss out on the memories of the loved ones around you. The struggle you’ve experienced in the past pushes you even harder to never return to those days. Let’s just be honest you’ve forgotten to experience life.

Believe it or not there is a difference in surviving and living. Actually taking the time to experience life is crucial. This means fuck the expectation around you. Yes, you heard me right fuck it all. The excess pressure at the end of the day isn’t worth it. You have to learn to live on your own terms and embrace the experience. We are fortunate enough to see today and make it memorable. Too many days of 2013 are lost in a blur, but 2014 is another chance to LIVE. It’s officially time to chuck the deuces to the chaos of merely surviving. Be fueled to simply live life.

Aim to have more success a long side some failures. Declare to experience love and happiness all at once. Be driven by the pace of your heart and the cycle of every breath. Your life is your legacy and your legacy is worth living first hand. It’s easy to admire another person’s life, but its even better to have one of your own. So ladies and gents now that we’ve guzzled down the champagne and lived it up for one night remember to carry that spirit everyday.

Happy New Year!!!


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