Tiny Harris Announces New Tequilla Line!

All of these celebrities coming out with drinks is really getting us excited! The newest addition to the alcohol creation team is Tameka "Tiny" HarrisTI's wife can add another notch to her belt with this one! 
Earlier this week, Tiny announced via Instagram that she had a major announcement coming our way! We really had no idea what to expect...would there be a new hustle baby being added to the clan?! We just didn't know! Yesterday she hit us with a cute, pink (of course) video of her grand announcement.

Why didn't we think of liquor?! That's like the new thing these days! We think this so cute and so fitting for Tiny. We aren't sure what happened to her nail bar but we won't go there...not one bit of shade here! Anyway...Tiny needs your help naming her new line of Tequillas! Visit her Instagram and find out how to enter! The contest deadline is February 18 at 5! 

Make that money Tiny girl! We love it! 

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