Twitter Shows Karrueche No Mercy After Aaliyah Instagram Post

Your shirt speaks volumes Karrueche, volumes! Recently Chris Brown's boo uploaded a pic on Instagram that had everybody and their mother coming for her neck. Well what did she post you ask?! Let's just say it involved the late great Aaliyah, a coloring book, and a plane...SMH! 

While boarding a flight home a couple days ago Karrueche posted the following picture on Instagram:

When we first saw this we didn't think too much into it! Actually we wanted to know where she got that coloring book from! Any who the people on Twitter put two and two together and figured that Karrueche was being super disrespectful...SMH! Seconds later our Twitter was blowing up with people and Aaliyah fans sending this girl hate mail and even wishing that her plane crashed because of the pic. Still we didn't think she was making light of the late singers death until she took the photo down and tweeted this:

She even tried to clean it up but it was too late:

Karrueche have you lost your mind?! You do not make jokes like that! What the hell were you thinking?! We are really disappointed. We always root for Karrueche here at The SASS and for her to do some disrespectful ish like this is crazy! You shouldn't joke or make light of any one's death...EVER! Chris get your girl...SMH! We hate to admit it but she set herself up for this one and we can't even defend her. 

Side SASS: They literally dragged Karrueche for filth on Twitter after her post! The responses go from slanderous to down right brutal! People are crazy.

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