Angela Simmons Glows As Vibe Vixen's New Cover Girl

The SASS absolutely loves Angela Simmons! She gives life on a daily basis from her boss moves to her fly outfits! She's definitely BOLD, CLASSY, & Oh So SASSY! Recently, the mini mogul set down with Vibe Vixen and dished on everything we ever wanted to know! From creating her brand to her working with her ex-boyfriend, Bow Wow! 

On her brand AngelaIAM:

"AngelaIAM came about because there are so many different elements of me, and I like to share with people who follow me, so I needed a home for all of it, to be able to sell these products. So people could get their hands on the things that I wear or the products that I like. It’s kind of like a boutique."

On being a boss:

"Being a boss means really knowing what teamwork is. I don’t believe anyone can get to a vision or goal alone."

On her NYFW presentation:

"I really wanted it to glow in the dark with neon. I wanted it to be interactive. I didn’t want it to be something you just come to, look good and walk out. I wanted you to take something from the experience, have a good time and want to stick around for a while, which everyone did. The point of the presentation was to present different up-and-coming designers that I showcase on my website. I was definitely inspired by different artists that I brought in. I think they did a tremendous job with what they did—color therapy. We had so many talented people there. It was an amazing night. It was everything I imagined, from the balloons to the photo booth, to the people who came out and supported me. I was extremely happy with the outcome."

On what the perfect date for her would be:

"I’m a romantic person. So my ideal would be a beach date, going out to eat somewhere tropical, of course, and then a walk on the beach. I don’t need much."

On working with her ex-boyfriend Bow Wow on 106 and Park this summer:

"We’re like best friends so that was super fun. I’ve known Bow Wow for nearly ten years so it wasn’t weird, it was normal. We’ve literally watched each other grow up."

On what inspires her:

"I’m inspired by art, music, and fashion. They go hand-in-hand."

On what she wants her legacy to be:

"When I leave this earth, I’d like to be known for my philanthropy. Being an activist and getting involved in things that actually matter. Fashion is also a passion, so if you I combine those two: designer and philanthropist, I’m good. Just as long as I can impact the world and be fashionable at the same time."

On getting plastic surgery:

"I’ll stick to ‘never say never’. If you feel like that’s something you want to do at a certain age, you should be free to do it. I haven’t personally—I’m pretty confident and happy with the way I look."

On dieting and exercising:

"I love fitness. I think it’s fun to work out. It’s extremely challenging, but I like to challenge myself. It’s a habit that I picked up once I moved to LA seven years ago. It’s just became part of my everyday life. I miss workouts here and there because of work, but if it were up to me I would live in the gym. It just feels good, sweating, working out. I wanted to be a vegetarian since I was about 11, when my school showed me a pretty horrifying video of animals being slaughtered, but I grew up in a household where meat was the option. Then in LA I got sick from turkey meat and decided to follow my uncle’s advice and walk away from it." 

On people thinking she's a spoiled brat:

"I was spoiled growing up, but I’m not a brat. Brats cry for what they want, they don’t work for it. I’m used to the comments, but at the end of the day I’m not concerned, because I know how hard I work. I can go to my dad and my uncle for advice, but other than that, anything that I have today, I’ve worked for. I pour my heart into it, and I live, sleep, breathe, eat it. I’m not going to sit here and prove to someone that I’m working; you’re going to see for yourself.”

On being relate able:

"I am, who I am; I’m not hiding anything. I go through relationship stuff; I go through rough times—and I’m pretty honest about it. I try to be transparent with the people who are watching me."

On her new niece:

"I am super excited. This is the first baby of the family and I am so happy. It’s incredible. So seeing the sister I grew up with have a daughter is amazing. I’m thrilled to eventually have a child of my own when I settle down at some point. For now, I’m just going to spoil my niece."

On if she would ever do reality t.v. again:

"That is definitely in the works. If all goes well, hopefully, you guys will see something really soon."

On fame:

"I don’t like when people are so negative and quick to judge the people they feel are on a pedestal. That’s a downside to being in the spotlight. You have to deal with people constantly poking at you or how you look. It’s always something. But that comes with fame. As long as you have thick enough skin, you’re fine. I prefer not to go on blogs, but if they’re commenting on my Instagram, of course I am going to see it. The best thing to do is ignore it."

Angela spilled all the tea in that interview!! We love that she's so open! Read the full interview at

Side SASS: Check out Angela's  website HERE and catch a sneak peek of her NYFW show below!

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