Braxton Sisters Dish On Kordell Stewart Dating Rumors, Jealousy, & Getting Arrested On Bethenny

The Braxton sisters (minus Toni) recently sat down with Bethenny and spilled all the tea about Towanda dating Kordell Stewart, possible jealousy between them, and being compared to the Kardashians!

For a while now the streets have been buzzing that Towanda Braxton is currently dating Kordell Stewart, former husband of Porsha from The Real Housewives of Atlanta! However, we didn't believe it, but baby we just got the shock of our life after this interview. Not only did Towanda confirm that they are dating she also pumped Tamar's breaks when she tried to come for him:

We usually are all for new love but this seems kind of weird! We thought Towanda was married to Andre?! What happened with that? Also, after all those antics Kordell pulled on Real Housewives of Atlanta we wonder if he will try to pull those same things with Towanda?!

Bethenny also asked the Braxton sisters what we have been thinking all season! Is there jealousy between them. Towanda, quickly shut it down, but the forever funny Tamar had a whole different outlook:

It might not be jealousy between them but their is definitely some shade being thrown! The look on Tamar's face below tells it all...LOL!

Bethenny ended the interview by asking what they would do if they lost all of their money today, living normal lives, and Mama Braxton shocking arrest:  

Side SASS: We love the Braxton sisters they are beyond hilarious. 

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