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We know we have told you all before that we struggle with applying makeup LOL! We love how it looks when it's done, but baby it is not easy! Of course makeup artist, Tymia Yvette is no stranger to The SASS, and we absolutely trust and value her opinion and expertise when it comes to applying fabulous makeup and having flawless skin! Team SASS recently attended Makeup & Shape Up: Face & Body Aesthetic Workshop and we learned so much from the creators of Makeup & Shape Up, Secelie and  Tymia Yvette!
Now, we have been to a lot of events, but this one is definitely in our top 3 favorite events of all time! We learned how taking care of our bodies and "Shaping Up" plays a major role in our skin quality and the application of makeup! The class was full of all different women with different wants and needs, but Secelie and  Tymia Yvette definitely covered every single base and they did an amazing job!

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After the class we had the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with Secelie and  Tymia to find out more about Makeup & Shape Up!   

What is Makeup Shape Up?
Tymia: Makeup Shape Up is a beauty, health and wellness educational class
Secelie: Make up Shape Up equips women with the skills they need to enhance their personal grooming routine and put their best foot forward each and every day.

What are the different classes you offer?

Secelie: Right now we are offering Face & Body Aesthetics 101, which is an introductory course to our 6 week series of classes that will go deeper into elements of skincare, makeup and nutrition. We will begin open enrollment into those classes in the near future. Once they become available, all students will be notified and it will be posted on the website

What do you want people to get from your class?

Tymia: We want people to leave with an understanding of what you put in your body is critical to how the outside of your skin and body will look. After educating our women on what the body needs, we then educate on how to add to that natural beauty by teaching makeup techniques to help enhance facial features.

How did you come up with the concept for the class?

Tymia: We were discussing doing a wraps and makeup demo at a friends house and we both thought we could have a greater impact on women together, rather than separate. So we decided to do a class/workshop.

How do you register for a class?

Secelie: You can register for a class on the website,, under the Enroll Now section. The class is $75 or you can pay $25 to reserve your spot and pay a balance of $60 the Friday before the class begins. 

What is your background in makeup/fitness?

Tymia: I've been in the industry for over 10 years. My mother was my first makeup instructor. Then, I studied art in college and eventually started working for a prestige makeup brand that helped to develop my skill set. 
Secelie: I have been in the network marketing industry of health and wellness for over 5 years. I hold the position as Double Diamond in my current opportunity with It Works Global, with over 1300 people in my organization. I have a deep passion for helping others look good and feel even better. I am heavily involved in sharing exclusive, all natural products with others that promote a healthy lifestyle and enhances the overall well-being of an individual. In addition, I am a fitness instructor at a Celebrity Golf & Spa Retreat held in the Bahamas annually. 

If you had to give one piece of advice when it comes to makeup/fitness what would it be?

Tymia: SKINCARE!!! Skincare and priming the skin are SO important to get a natural, yet professional makeup application. 
Secelie: A consistent beauty routine is necessary in the society we live in today. If you don't have one that is working for you, come learn one.    

What makeup product is always in your purse?
Tymia: Mascara and lip balm/chapstick.
Secelie: Bronzer and eyeliner. 

How did you create Makeup & Shape Up?
Tymia: We were able to collaborate concepts from our individual businesses and we merged them together because they work in-sync with each other. 
Secelie: It all started as an idea from a conversation we had one evening while we were exchanging services with each other. Tymia got wrapped and I got my makeup done. From that point it just took off.

What makes you Bold, Classy & Oh So SASSY?
Tymia: We are Bold, Classy & SASSY because our passion is to educate women to help them feel and look Bold, Classy & Oh So SASSY!!!
Secelie: DITTO!! 

Team SASS definitely want to thank Tymia and Secelie for an amazing class! Women everywhere can definitely benefit from a class like this and we wish you both the best of luck!! 

Side SASS: Shoutout to Tymia for showing us how to put on mascara and how to fill in our eyebrows LOL! Now we feel like we can conquer the world! 


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