Is Your Makeup Wardrobe Ready For Spring & Summer 2014?!


With all of the snow and freezing weather we've been getting lately, we are more than ready for Spring! No more coats, hats, or gloves! New clothes, colors, and trends! Of course when seasons change, your makeup does too and who better than to give us the inside SASS than our favorite makeup artist, Tymia Yvette
Tymia always keeps us in the know with the latest and greatest in the makeup world so you know we have to share with our readers!! 

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If you live on the East coast like I do, you have experienced a wild ride with the weather. We have had snow storms, ice storms, mild temperatures and freezing weather. With temps below zero, we usually like to wear more clothing and MORE makeup. More makeup is trendy in the Fall and Winter: fuller coverage on the skin, stronger contours on the cheek and deep colors on the lips. Autumn and Winter are the seasons when we can over-accessorize in clothing AND in makeup and get away with it. However, the reverse concept applies for Spring and Summer (S/S 2014). IT'S THE SEASONS TO WEAR LESS CLOTHES AND LESS MAKEUP.
For S/S 2014, the skin looks healthy, the eyes have a very feminine detail. Think of eyeliner that is blurred and thick. The cheek is all about arrangements of highlights and shadows using color. There is a definite change in makeup!  RECHARGING SIMPLICITY -that's what this season is all about.
Let's talk about skin first because there is a global obsession with obtaining beautiful, natural-looking skin. When approaching the face, its all about the nuances. The details of the skin goes back to how well it's hydrated and prepped BEFORE foundation. When the face is hydrated with serums and moisturizers it allows the skin to look supple, plumped and radiant. Priming the face allows for an optical diffused look and a smoother canvas. Imagine how paint looks on walls primed vs unprimed. The walls are smoother, the paint adheres better, and you can use LESS product. Now here is the trick for achieving S/S 2014 skin: ITS ALL ABOUT USING LESS COVERAGE! SHEER FOUNDATIONS AND POWDERS. Think of how your legs look in sheer pantyhose vs. tights.

The texture of the skin this season is matte with a seemingly glazed finish.The skin almost looks "photo-shopped" without the Instagram filter. There is a lot of detail in clothing this season so the MAKEUP IS MORE OF A WHISPER. You won't see a lot of shading and sculpting on the skin, but you will see spontaneous, yet strategic placement of highlights. Flashes of gold and silver, glitter and shimmer. Its beauty that looks diffused yet real.
As we say goodbye to the  prominent contour, we are saying hello to blush. YES, there is a return to BLUSHing. The color palette is pinks and peaches. Many of us are used to styling the face by adding dimension with bronzers. However, cream blushes have emerged this season to help stylize the face. The structure of blush flushes up and out. If you start down in the hollow of the cheek, where you would normally contour, pull the color up onto the cheekbone. 

ts more of a sporty yet feminine lookIts not about matte bronzey-browns on the cheek but more about a dewy pinky-peach on the cheek. Here's a tip: When wearing a "skin and cheek" look (like described above), there is sheer color on the eye and lip. The lip and cheek should harmonize to create a monochromatic color story.
But maybe you are more of an eye and lip girl?? Want to know what should be in your makeup bag to be prepared for this Spring and Summer? Stay tuned for MAKEUP WARDROBE PART 2! 
Do you think your makeup wardrobe is ready for Spring & Summer 2014?! We know ours is NOT...LOL! Looks like we have some work to do! 
Side SASS: Special thanks to Tymia Yvette for always keeping us Bold, Classy & Oh So SASSY!! All photos are courtesy of her site! Make sure you check her out!!  

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