K. Michelle Talks Her Beef With Blogs And Attitude Issues On Arsenio Hall

If we don't know anything else about K. Michelle we know two things: she can sing her face off and she will cuss you out! The singer is always defending her "give no f-cks" attitude and actions.  She even had to defend it to Arsenio Hall when she stopped by his show! 

On her notorious attitude:

"I realize, when I was walking down the street people would run to the other side, that they might not perceive it as good all the time. They think I’m mean. But really, if you ask the producers of the show, they will tell you that I was actually the calmest one on the show. I just had the best climax, so that’s what you got to see."

On her beef with blogs:

"I don’t think it’s fair at all because they don’t know me. You know what you see of me at that moment. You will react the same way as me to a lot of those situations. I’m just bold enough to do it in your face and not care. So, those reactions from those blogs and everything, I make their hits go up. So they should thank me and or maybe even send me a check"

On growing up with a diverse musical background:

I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. I actually grew up loving country music. I play classical piano. I play guitar. My parents would put me in a closet–it wasn’t child abuse so don’t get scared. They’d put me in a closet and it was the biggest closet in the house and I would just sing to the top of my lungs so I always knew I wanted to sing. I had this vocal teacher named Bob Westbrook. He trained Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, a lot of the Miss America people. When my mother took me to him and said, ‘She wants to sing,’ he said, ‘No offense, but when she goes through these competitions , they’re going to expect her to sing certain things like Aretha, maybe Whitney. How about we try something and introduce her to new music?’ So the first tape I ever got was The Judds. I saw The Judds. I love The Judds. And he taught me how to yodel and then I got a scholarship to Florida A&M University.

After her interview, she performed her new single "Can't Raise A Man." 

Side SASS: We are loving this bob and red Christian Louboutin booties on her! 

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