Kayne West Tells Sway & Charlamagne To "Shut The F--k Up"

Kayne West must still be feeling some type of way about his past interviews with Charlamagne The God from The Breakfast Club and Sway Calloway because he went off on them during his recent concert in Pennsylvania. 

If you have ever been to a Kanye West concert then you know that randomly during the show he is liable to go off about any and everything. Well last week during the second leg of the Yeezus Tour, Kanye had something on his heart and baby he let it go! Apparently, he still is holding a grudge from his interviews from last October and December with Charlamagne The God and Sway Calloway. So in true Kanye West fashion he got that ish off his chest and vented. 

Watch the clip below:

Is this old or nah?! Kanye get over it! We love you...we do, but this is super petty! Those interviews were from last year! We kind of understand why he is still mad at Charlemagne though. Charlemagne disrespected him a little, but Sway! Kanye embarrassed that man on his own show! Kanye needs to let that ish roll! It's not worth it! He needs to focus on his beautiful daughter and fiancé. Ok, we lied! We don't want him to stop going off because it's funny but we do want him to chill a little!

Oh! Just in case you are wondering how Charlemagne the God feels about Kanye going off on him, peep his tweets and clip below:

Side SASS: Kanye why you smile in those pictures like that if you were still mad?! You are a wild boy!

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