Meet The Father Of Lil Kim's Baby

We don't know about you but we are still in shock that Lil Kim is pregnant! Never in a million years did we think the rapper would debut a baby bump at NY Fashion Week! Maybe a new hair color but not a baby! However, she did and now we have a ton of questions! Who is the baby father?! What is she having and what will she name her new love on top?! 

Well guess what?! We have all the answers! Say hello to Mr. Papers! He has come forward as the father of Lil Kim's baby! We don't know much about him except for he is an up and coming rapper that was featured on Lil Kim's unofficial remix to Rihanna's "Pour It Up," and they have been dating off and on since 2012. 

Ever since the news broke Lil Kim has remained tight lipped, however, Mr. Papers hasn't be able to hide his excitement. He has been re-tweeting congratulatory messages from fans and granting interviews left and right. In an interview for the Ricky Smiley Morning Show he revealed that the couple were having a baby boy! He also revealed that the baby is due around May or June because he's going to be a Gemini! We hope so because team SASS celebrates our birthdays in May and June...LOL! So we are definitely here for that.

Listen to the interview below:

We are so happy for the couple on their new blessing! We can' wait to see the baby! 

Side SASS: Now you know with all this good news somebody had to hate. However, Mr. Papers is definitely not taking it personal.

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