|NEW MUSIC| Miguel - "Simplethings"

Miguel is in high demand these days! First, he wrote "Rocket" for Beyoncé and now he has been personally selected to write a song for HBO’s hit series, GIRLS.

They say you never know until you ask and Lena Durham, the creator of GIRLS, definitely put this theory to use when she requested that R&B singer Miguel write and sing a song for the Season 3 soundtrack of the show. The request was super simple, "can we just call him and see if he’ll do something?"  Miguel definitely jumped at the chance and delivered the super sweet ballad "Simplethings." In the song Miguel talks about wanting someone who will laugh with him, lay with him, and be real. To sum it up he just wants the simple things! 

Listen to song below:

Side SASS: The soundtrack comes out February 11th! 

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