Social Media Drags Michelle Williams For Missing Kelly's B-Day Party

*Cue "Jealous" instrumentals* "So where the hell you at?!" That's what the entire world was thinking when Beyoncé threw Kelly Rowland a surprise birthday party and Michelle Williams was no where to be found! 

It was definitely a girls night in this past Tuesday when Beyoncé  surprised Kelly with a "Liquid Gold" fondue themed party for her 33rd birthday! The party included an amazing gold elephant cake ( we need the bakers number for that), different types of fondue, and tons of laughs! 

The intimate party was attended by Solonge, Angie  (Beyoncé 's cousin), Beyoncé , and a few close friends.  Noticeably missing from the party was Kelly's group member Michelle. Michelle took to her Twitter to let the world know why she wasn't at the party! However, social media took her response and dragged her for filth for it:

That comment was a little shady! However, Michelle must have felt the same way too because she back paddled super fast! 

Despite Michelle missing the party Kelly seemed like she had tons of fun! Newsflash people: Michelle, Beyonce, and Kelly love each other very much! So we don't think she missed the party on purpose! At least we hope not!

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