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Before we go any further with this SASSY post from everyone's favorite Gay Bestie, we need to let you all know that this is strictly for our 18 and over readers! For those of you who are under the age of 18, check out some of our other amazing post at The SASS! If you are above the age of 18, please proceed with caution because this definitely goes ALL the way there! 
Valentine's Day is next week!! Can you believe it?! We sure can't! We still have a ton of planning to do! For those of you who have completed your Valentine's Day plans and want to add a dash of SASS to your night/weekend, The Gay Bestie is definitely here to save the day! Check out his latest post and tell us what you think!

2 Hands 1 Mouth

With Valentine’s Day amongst us it’s only right that I provide you with some essentials. This right here is strictly for my ladies involved or looking to leave a long lasting impression on a fling. Time to warm those hands and pucker up to have him enticed with your newfound sex appeal. As some of you may know sex can be great, but the moments leading up to the action is what really gets the mood flowing. This is most identified as foreplay, but I like to call it, “Me Time.” Confession, I believe every woman should be a tease even in the bedroom it keeps his interest longer. If you just cave right in there is no fun in him chasing it down.

This is your moment to really wow him. I advise to put a little thought into the setting as you prepare (i.e. music, wine, body treats). Try to decorate the room or layout with candles, so the lighting is dim and eyes are all set on you. This is where “Me Time” comes in. Sit him down and have him watch you. Make sure he has a good view of your entire physique. Once you’re completely unclothed begin to pleasure yourself as he watches. Show him exactly how you like it done, so once he gets there he knows precisely what to do with little words shared. Make it like a sexy tutorial to pleasing you with whatever you use whether it’s your fingers or a BOB (battery operated boyfriend).  

By this point he is probably standing at “attention”. Head on over and get to work. Pace yourself ladies. Don’t run over there with you mouth wide open yet. Massage and feel every inch he is about to offer you for the next 30 minutes. Sometimes it’s nice to feel and touch it; tell the truth. Allow him to see that you actually like it. The plus to this is that he feels desired and empowered by stroking his “ego”. Don’t be shy and say things that you enjoy about it as you build him up even more. Be sure that your hands are warm and lubricated enough to edge him off. Enjoy!


1.)   Give him a good view as you touch yourself for him to see. React noticeably when you touch significant spots.

2.)   Water based lubricant is you best friend. WET is a great brand to check out. If you like, saliva can also be an option, but only done in a tasteful manner. Trust me it can be done tastefully.

3.)   Hands warm and ready.

4.)   Use an up and down then circular motion on his penis with a medium to tight grip.

5.)   Talk to him and say things like, “It looks so good!”

6.)   Go as far as kissing it before you entertain “blowing” it.

Well damn! Take a few seconds to get yourself together after reading that! We warned you that it definitely goes there, but it's right on time for lover's day! We really hope you enjoyed it and that you enjoy your Valentine's Day!! 


-The SASS 

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